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Garden Office | Cheshire

When our latest customer asked us how we could help create a contemporary garden studio to be used as an office in an unused part of their garden, we knew exactly what to do.

Working with the customer through our free design and consultation stages we came up with simple yet modern look . The sleek black cladding helped make this Garden Office both modern and fitting for its surroundings. The panels are highly insulated SIP panels which confirm to highest standards so the the office is weather tight and useable throughout the year. We use a rubber membrane to ensure water proofing is in place and created the final cladding panels by hand to provide a beautiful finish.

On top of this we were in an out in just 5 days ......If you are looking for extra room in your house, think about the space in your garden. It could be much easier anymore efficient use of your budget to add a beautiful bespoke room in an unused part of your garden.

Call Peter or Lee at Kabin for help. 07870 578 756

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