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Add Another Room .....

When our latest customer wanted to add another room to their home, we turned this unused part of their garden into something special.

Creating a Garden Room with super insulated panels and full weatherproofing provided by rubber membrane and cedar cladding. This room is useable all year round and has the additional benefit of having a shed built into the side for all of those garden tools that our customer needed to store.

It was great to work with this customer who recognised the potential in the spot at the end of the garden and they were able to express exactly what they wanted to do with it. Even down to asking us to finish the landscaping around the room to ensure the setting was as good as the new garden room.

This is another example of the great work we do in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. If you have a space that you want to turn into something you can really be proud of please visit our website or give us a call on 07870 578756.

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