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A space to work rest and play ...

When our customers asked us for a garden office and space for the garden essentials we knew exactly how to do tackle this project.

Creating a Garden Office for our customers in Sale, using SIP Panels for weatherproofing with very high insulation properties, fully lined and plastered with electricity fully installed was just the start.

On the side we were asked to create a space for the garden tools and equipment and to make it seamless with the new office. We created a shed frame and lined with the same membrane and a single roof for both the office and shed to create a single building.

The finishing touches were completed by keeping the cedar cladding, the roof, and the doors and windows out of the same material so that it is seen as one building. We even installed some colour changing LED lights which you can see in the video add an additional extra feature.

We loved working on this although as you see from the

weather there were a couple of cold snowy moments. It is wonderful to know that our customers now have a great office in their garden that they can use all year round. All completed in 8 days......

If you have an idea for a room or garden building give us a call to discuss and we can provide a free consultation to help you get the most from your garden space.


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