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Garden Office | Cheshire

When they said let’s do something a bit different we were up for the challenge.

We set about working up a design with plenty of glass for this spectacular view, added burnt larch for the exterior for long lasting and beautiful cladding and topped the project off with a seeded roof which in a few short weeks will start to grow and provide a green crown for this stunning office.

But we didn’t stop there. On the inside we applied a minimal finish of beech ply to give clean lines and modern space to work in and fitted out the final finishes including creating the landscaping and porcelain paved setting.

We loved this job and would love to work here - wouldn’t you?

If you need to extend or remodel your home to add an office have you thought of building a bespoke garden office instead?

Creating a beautiful workspace, insulated and triple glazed to allow you to work in all seasons set in your garden, is a much quicker and cheaper way of achieving what you want than remodelling your home.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will arrange for a no obligation design consultation to help you achieve the space you need.

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Kabin Company | Redefining how you use your garden with bespoke garden studios, offices and rooms in Manchester, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire.


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